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Architectural Products

  • Sunlux Control Systems

    Sunlux Control Systems

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  • Fabric Tensioned Systems

    Fabric Tensioned Systems

    Design Something Extraordinary

    We are supported by a team of specialist engineers with the sole focus of creating technical shading systems for extraordinary spaces. We collaborate with designers who share our love of inspirational and sustainable architecture. Spectacular glass structures illuminate our buildings, create memorable spaces, and make us feel alive. Automated tensioned fabric precisely regulates heat gain and glare whatever the angle of the glazing, then disappears when it is not needed, preserving our connection to the outside world.

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  • Aluminium Ceilings

    Aluminium Ceilings

    Aluminium ceilings are available in numerous profiles and colours. The traditional linear ceilings have been updated and modified with the changes in trends and market forces.

    Blind Solutions offers 84R, the V100 range, the multi-panel B programme as well as the closed ceiling C programme, 75C as well as 150C. Open grid ceilings include the choice of cell, linear grid and stretch metal range Metal tiles are available in plain or perforated options in either aluminium or steel. The addition of tech style (fabric) and wood ceilings to the range has increased the choice available to the architects.

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  • Punched Panel Screen

    Punched Panel Screen

    Perforated metal screens and sunscreens

    Perforated metal components like sun protection, sliding elements, cassettes, shutters, blinds and exterior façades offer protection from direct sunlight while successfully allowing the realisation of sophisticated light concepts.

    Top grade materials like aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised or coated steel simultaneously provide high corrosion resistance and a design-oriented appearance.

    Perforated metal sunscreens can offer a multifaceted space/light design potential by selectively controlling the incidence of light through the patterns created by the slot, square, round or special perforations.

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  • Sliding Shutters

    Sliding Shutters

    Sunlux’s range of sun control Sliding Louvre Shutters are both highly functional and attractive as a dynamic facade element. The louvres are produced in aluminium and then placed into an aluminium frame. They have a clean and crisp appearance and can provide full shading while still allowing an excellent view outside.

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  • Composite Panel Cladding

    Composite Panel Cladding

    This product range is fast becoming the intelligent option when a cost effective, light weight but attractive high end finish is required. The high strength to weight ratio, rigid flat surface,superb long lasting paint finish and up-market image make it the only choice for many designers.

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  • Lattice Sunscreens

    Lattice Sunscreens

    The Sunlux lattice grid type sunscreen is available in one grid option offering the clients optimum functionality as well as an alternative aesthetic solution for sun control purposes. in either horizontal or vertical applications.

    Module sizes of 50mm x 50mm and 70mm x 70mm are available.
    All screens are epoxy painted to client colour choice.

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  • Sun Louvres

    Sun Louvres

    Sunlux Sun Louvre Systems blend style and functionality, bringing a distinct look to a building’s exterior while providing shade and comfort to the people inside. Our high-quality materials produce dependable louvre systems, which can be projected to the façade, parallel to the façade or otherwise designed in relation to the angle of the sun.

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  • Aerofoils


    Sunlux Aerofoil Aluminium exterior sun shading aerofoils can be installed in a horizontal or vertical application with our unique system (including static), they are suitable for various of façade designs and are the preferred choice for indoor cooling by means of outdoor sun shading on modern commercial buildings large-scale glass curtain wall, windows, and glass roofs. The choice of louvre colour is as per the designer, architect or building owner or developer requirements.

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  • Ventilation / Plant Room Louvres

    Ventilation / Plant Room Louvres

    Differing systems take differing needs into account. We design weather/ventilation louvres to suit your specific needs, whether there is the need to protect sensitive machinery or simply to prevent excessive rain from entering a parking garage, all systems are suited to application and budget.

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  • External Venetian Blinds

    External Venetian Blinds

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