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  • Eyelet Curtains

    Eyelet Curtains

    The eyelet curtain by Blind Solutions is by far one of the most popular curtain styles out there. With a silky-smooth operation while it glides open and closed it provides a sense of style like no other. The Curtain slips onto a suitable pole, concertina fashion with the edges of the curtain facing the wall.

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  • French Pleat Curtains

    French Pleat Curtains

    FRENCH PLEAT is very similar to a pinch pleat. It creates a sleek and tailored header. This classic style of curtain is finished with a fullness of 2.2 adding panache to any window.


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  • Pencil Curtains

    Pencil Curtains

    PENCIL PLEAT curtains have a 15-cm wide heading tape with three rows of woven pockets that allows for adjustment in height when hung. The heading tape is set at the top of the curtain. The cords are pulled up to create the pencil pleat effect. A more softly gathered look will be achieved if the cords are pulled less.

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  • Pinch Pleat Curtains

    Pinch Pleat Curtains

    PINCH PLEAT is a style of curtain that takes plenty of skills to make. It is such a perfected pleat. It looks unbelievable when the curtain is used with a long drop. It also looks great even with a standard drop. This specific please is hand crafted by skilled curtain makers.

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  • Wave Curtains

    Wave Curtains

    WAVE CURTAINS are the new generation of Style for curtaining. The elegance of the waviness in the pleat sits so flawlessly when bunched up or open fully.  Perfect for any environment or home setting it will ALWAYS finish off a room.

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