Motorised Curtains

Glydea is a range of quiet motorized tracks for all curtain types and shapes with adjustable limits that allow the curtain to fall perfectly. The touch motion feature allows for greater convenience – users can open and close the curtains simply by pulling on the fabric. The ‘My’ function automatically moves the curtain to a preferred position. Motorized curtains are becoming the standard requirement for high-end homes, luxury apartments and projects such as high-quality hotels, meeting and conference venues. The Glydea motorized systems are compatible with Somfy’s range of sensors and controls to maximize energy efficiency and create a fully automated solution.

  • Soft start and stop operation
  • Adjustable speed, from 12.5 cm/s to 20 cm/s
  • Large range of hardware, with components to adapt to different types of curtains
  • Plug in modules for a large range of control systems

  Download: Glydea Motorized Curtain Track Brochure