Smoove 1 Rts Black Shine O/C

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Smoove Wall Switch

The new generation of sensitive wall-mounted wireless curtain wall switch

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Clear Interaction: A discreet audible signal and light indicator Whenever you select a movement of action, Smoove emits an audible click and provides visual feedback

Touch Sensitive Technology The feeling of touch Smooves touch-sensitive design follows the current popular trend for innovative touch-sensitive products

Neat & Tidy: A simple, elegant design, which even fits standard electrical boxes Installing the Smoove couldn’t be easier. As it is battery powered you can install directly onto the wall, but you can also fit it to a standard electrical box.

Natural Movement: With touch-sensitive technology, Smoove interacts fluidly, intuitively and naturally with the home environment The Smoove switch frames are available in eight different finishes – Pure, Silver, Silver Matt, Black, Light Bamboo, Amber Bamboo, Cherry and Walnut. Choose your frame to match your decor

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