Technical Specifications

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    Technical specifications:

    • Article number: 1870600
    • Radio frequency: 868-870 MHz and 433.42 MHz
    • Technology: io-homecontrol, RTS and Zigbee 3.0
    • Connections: 1 x Micro-USB
    • Current: 230 V / 5V DC 1 A
    • Enclosure class: IP30
    • Range: 200 meters open field
    • Working temperature: 0 ° C to + 50 ° C
    • Dimensions: 162 x 67.5 x 34 mm
    • Weight: 213 g
    • Color: White
    • Location: Indoor
    • Other: LED (red / green / orange / white).
    • Miscellaneous: Two physical control buttons at the top of scenes.

    Maximum number of connected products:

    • 200 pcs (total, all technologies)
    • io-homecontrol: 200 pcs
    • RTS: 50 pcs
    • Zigbee: 50 pcs
    • Sensors / alarm sensors (Somfy): 50 pcs
    • Cameras: 5 pcs
    • Scenario player (Somfy): 20 pcs
    • Maximum number of scenes: 40 x Manual, 20 x Scheduled, 20 x Advanced
    • Philips Hue: 1 Bridge (gateway) 50 Hue products

Advanced Tahoma Switch Pro


TaHoma Switch Pro- Home Automation System- Includes VAT & Delivery

The Somfy TaHoma allows you to centralise control of your home’s automated features. Compatible with expert partners and more than a hundred different Somfy products, our smart home system lets you open your blinds, switch on your lighting or operate your garage doors all from your PC, or using the Somfy TaHoma app on your smartphone.


As well as delivering complete comfort and control, the Somfy TaHoma also offers energy saving benefits, with sun sensors that automatically adjust your blinds or shutters to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. And with email alerts, coupled with the ability to remotely adjust your home’s features, you can rest assured that your home is secure at all times. Control multiple devices at once with scenario settings and personalise your Somfy TaHoma home automation system to suit your lifestyle with smart programming features that ensure your home always works to your schedule.

Delivery: 4-7 working days
Download: Technical Information
 Download: TaHoma by Somfy APP


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