Telis 4 Soliris RTS silver

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Enjoy the convenience of the Telis 4 Soliris RTS remote control with sun control ON / OFF. With this 5-channel handheld transmitter, you can manually operate one or more wireless motors, which will make life easier for you.

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You decide for yourself whether you want to make your roller shutters in a single, group or central operation. For example:

  • INDIVIDUAL CONTROL: You operate each roller shutter individually
    • Channel No. 1 a roller shutter from the living room,
    • Channel No. 2 the second roller shutter from the living room,
  • GROUP CONTROL: For example, you serve all roller shutters in your living room together
    • Channel No. 3 all shutters from the kitchen,
  • CENTRAL CONTROL: You operate all your shutters via the central control
    • Channel No. 4 Control of all shutters you own at the same time.

You can then switch on and off the sun function via channel no. 5, for example (provided you have an RTS radio sun sensor or RTS radio wind and sun sensor). You can also stop a running command or call up your previously set intermediate position (my position) with the my key. The control panel is supplemented by the UP and DOWN buttons to open or close.

Commissioning is really easy. With the Prog button on the back of your radio transmitter, you can learn your roller shutter motor. The power supply is wireless via 3V batteries.

Benefit from the increased impact resistance, due to the side-mounted rubber. The flexible installation is carried out by the included suspension loop and wall bracket. So you always have an overview of where your transmitter is located. The futile search of the radio transmitter has thus an end

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