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Sunlux™ Secure

Is a retractable & fixed Security Barrier

Sunlux SECURE  is a retractable & fixed Security Barrier – effectively protects  those whose lives or property may be threatened.


The product is manufactured with a tough, secure locking system (dead lock and slam lock available) to ensure safety and security for families and workers.

Sunlux™ SECURE – our commitment to quality is evident in the long term guarantee we offer!

Sunlux™ SECURE



Made from AluminiumRust resistance inland & coastal
Single UprightDoesn’t allow leverage for a crowbar to get in between a double upright.
Flight width 16mm and 3mm thickTo ensure maximum strength between uprights
No nylon or plastic componentsAllows for a maximum strength door and long lasting use.
Solid drop boltsTo account for uneven floors (to ensure a perfect fit)
Guarantee inland & coastal 10 yearsExceeds industry standard
Strong unique locking systemStrength and security
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