Blind Solutions


S5 – 2.2m x 2.2m SQUARE
H5 – 2.75m Diameter HEXAGONAL
H6 – 2.9m Diameter HEXAGONAL
S7 – 2.5m x 2.5m SQUARE
H7 – 3m Diameter HEXAGONAL
R7 – 2.8m x 2.0m RECTANGULAR
R9 – 3.4m x 2.5m RECTANGULAR
S9 – 3m x 3m SQUARE
O10 – 3.5m Diameter OCTAGONAL
O12 – 4m Diameter OCTAGONAL
R12 – 3.8m x 3m RECTANGULAR
S15 – 3.8m x 3.8m SQUARE
O22 – 5.3m Diameter OCTAGONAL



  • All prices include umbrella with coverbag, concrete bolted stand and delivery in the Johannesburg and Pretoria areas.
  • The canvas is 100% acrylic dralon and treated with teflon for water repellence and mildew proofing.
  • Canvas has brass endcaps to alleviate the problems caused by wood, making holes in canvas pockets.
  • Adjustable air-vent to stabilize umbrella in windy conditions.
  • Branded Umbrella – Corporate.
  • Repairs.

Available Colours