Sunlux Control Systems

Sunlux’s range of intelligent controls are designed to manage blinds and shutters within commercial buildings, designed to adapt to any facade configuration. By optimizing the management of air, sun and shade in buildings, Blind Solutions actively enhances occupants’
wellbeing while improving the building’s energy performance with our wide range of sun control products integrated with standalone or fully FM integrated Sunlux control systems.

Our range of control systems help to improve the energy performance of buildings and provide occupants with maximum end user comfort. We provide intelligent systems to control from one to unlimited zones dedicated to medium and large buildings, subject to
design parameters setout by the professional team which we guide through the process during our design and consultation phase. Applications for all our Sunlux control systems include universities, shopping centres and large industry and commercial buildings.

Our control systems is are adaptable facade management systems compatible with many protocols and standards, with no zone limitation. Applications for our control systems include medium and large office buildings, commercial premises and high-end residential homes.

  • Heating and air conditioning costs are reduced
  • The occupants’ visual and thermal comfort is optimized
  • The sun protection devices last longer

Supported protocols

  • Sunlux Digital-RS485
  • KNX
  • Bacnet
  • RTS-Somfy
  • IB+-Somfy
  • Animeo-Somfy
  • LON

Recent Products


  • Sunlux Control Systems

    Sunlux Control Systems

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  • Control Systems

    Control Systems

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  • External Roller Sun Screens

    External Roller Sun Screens

    External Roller shades and screens are both decorative and functional. The choice of fabrics is extensive, ranging from practical blockouts to the latest innovations in light controlling sunscreens. Sunscreen Roller shades allow the building occupants to enjoy the view and natural light whilst providing low light transmission, glare reduction and excellent shading and cooling values due to the screens being installed outside the building. Blockout Roller shades allow the building occupants to enjoy complete room darkening and privacy settings, ideal for boardroom, audio-visual theatre and bedroom applications. All Sunscreen and Blockout Roller shades can be automated with remote control, wall switches or linked to Building Management Systems.

    Sunlux External roller blinds offer effective solar control and enhance the appearance of a buildings facade. Filtering solar radiation, the fabric reduces glare and the amount of light and heat that enters the window while still allowing an outward view. Sunlux’s fabric selection is a cost-effective roller blind designed with years of experience in engineering, production and installation.

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  • Fabric Tensioned Systems

    Fabric Tensioned Systems

    Design Something Extraordinary

    We are supported by a team of specialist engineers with the sole focus of creating technical shading systems for extraordinary spaces. We collaborate with designers who share our love of inspirational and sustainable architecture. Spectacular glass structures illuminate our buildings, create memorable spaces, and make us feel alive. Automated tensioned fabric precisely regulates heat gain and glare whatever the angle of the glazing, then disappears when it is not needed, preserving our connection to the outside world.

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