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Blind Solutions For Your Commercial or High end Residential applications

Blind Solutions as an accredited installer on control systems integrator have intelligent control solutions for the operation and managing of building and sun protection automated Blind and Sun control Solutions to suit any requirement conceived.

Our bespoke and unique and standard systems improve comfort for occupants while also reducing energy costs and strive toward green building sustainability.

With the assistance of suppliers we contribute to the development and integration of bioclimatic façades for all types of buildings, regardless of function or architecture

Schools, Colleges, Universities and Education facilities

  • Design, supply and Integrate with building security systems to automatically open or close shading solutions during emergency evacuation or lock out modes or general window cleaning maintenance.
  • Automated systems are imperative safety features required by excluding strings and chains from manual windows in spaces occupied by young children.

Hotels, Lodges and Hospitality facilities

  • By correct product selection you are able to save by managing the amount of heat gain or loss in occupied or unoccupied spaces.
  • With Blind Solutions automated and remote-controlled or sun tracking sun solutions, all can benefit from our motorized shading Blind Solutions.

Healthcare, Clinics and Wellness facilities

  • External as well as internal Solar shading systems in patient rooms can be operated by the patient by using integrated bedside controls.
  • Alternatively, Centralized shading control systems offered by Blind Solutions enjoy adjustments of shade and sun positions from the central nursing hub, stations or control desks as well as FM integration and operation if required.

Commercial Offices and Industrial segments

  • By correct product selection you are able to Increase energy savings as well as natural optimum light and sun control management by utilizing natural light tools to reduce secondary or electrical lighting in the workplace.
  • By Integrating the correct shading and Blind solutions with the correct building management systems to control Solar heat gain before it reaches your façade, we will assist in reducing loads on cooling systems and HVAC network and incorporation with natural ventilation, controls, motors and systems for end user wellbeing and energy savings as well as Rapid return on investment as a result of these energy savings and reduced maintenance and operational costs.

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Solar Energy & Energy Efficiency Analysis

Heat flow calculations, solar gain calculations, window heat gain, shading analysis and energy visualization. Ben has worked with dozens of architectural firms and also with the top Green building consultants and Mechanical Engineers in South Africa on passive and active solar design, and has developed custom interactive tools to support various energy calculations.

Shading Analysis

Passive solar design to architects, builders and other professionals are the core function of our Design team. Our team headed up by Ben Blignaut with over 25 years’ experience in the sun control industry is available for inspiring lectures and demonstrations. Some lectures involve certain products that will attract CPD points upon request.

Green Building Education

Inspiring presentations, demonstrations and activities on sustainable building topics is a regular topic of discussion of passive solar design to architects, QS’s, builders and other professionals and can arrange combined lectures with Green Building professionals to suit your unique requirement.

PV System Design

Energy load calculations, shading calculations, utility-scale PV array design and layout is a small part of our range of services we offer to rollout a green building to suit our clients individual green star rated requirements.


Sustainable energy and environmental topics including renewable energy, energy efficiency, green buildings, transportation, solar angles, climate change, international development and the design of small-scale reliable, independent energy systems. Ben has a solid technical background in sun control science and value engineering, as well as a unique perspective on the environment drawn from explorations into Eastern and Western philosophy.

Should you require us to program or re-program your new or existing controls. Please complete the form below in order for us to fully understand your requirements, and our representative will contact you to discuss.

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