Skylight Blinds

Honeycomb and pleated are the most effective Skylight blind systems available in South Africa. Its cord tension system makes this an ideal choice for skylights and they operate up and down like a conventional shade. The enclosed rails are colour co-ordinated, provide full privacy and there are exposed tension cables but no exposed cords on the Honeycomb blinds and should be installed as an inside or outside mount. Pleated blinds do have exposed cords and tension cables and can be fitted as an inside or outside mount. Our Skylights are easy to install, provide excellent insulation, and protect furnishings from harmful ultraviolet rays. Honeycomb and pleated blinds have been developed to insulate homes at their most vulnerable point – the window! Each shade promises to lower overall energy cost by keeping homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The polyester fabric resists stains, dust and fading.

Skylight blinds are suitable for conservatories, patios, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, lounge and TV rooms, as well as dining rooms and any other area where a skylight window may be present.




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