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The Ext-50 / Ext-50 H External Blinds

The EXT-50 and EXT-50H external blinds are an ideal solution for shading of smaller areas. The C shaped slats are 50 mm wide, without curved edges, guided by side guide wires. These blinds are characterized by the lowest stack of slats in this category.


What is the difference between these two types? The top profile of the EXT-50 external blind is 40 x 40 mm, while the EXT-50H top profile is larger, 56 x 58 mm. The modification of the top profile is positively reflected in increased maximum dimensions of the blind.

  • Cost-saving option for smaller areas
  • Low stack = narrow stack of the drawn-up slats
  • Smooth and silent operation

 Download: Fact Sheet 
Download: Colour Slats
Download: Measuring Instructions

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