Veralim Awnings


  • 100% Aluminium
  • Durable
  • Robust
  • Light weight
  • Easy Installation

Standard Powder Coat Colours: 

  • White, Black, Natural


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  • Width : 1250mm
  • Alternative width : 900mm
  • Projection : 980mm
  • Drop : 260mm
  • Deck : 2mm
  • Weight : 8kg


  • The Velarium Awning is supplied fully assembled.
  • Mounting screws depend on the type of wall construction and are not included. (Installing onto standard solid brick wall requires S10 Nylon plugs and 8 x 70mm coaching screws. A 10mm Drill bit is suitable for this purpose).
  • Using a spirit level, hold the awning in place and mark drill locations as illustrated in images below.
  • Drill holes. Apply silicone to the rear awning lip to prevent water seepage between the awning and the mounting surface.
  • Secure the awning to the surface. Care must be taken not scratch or damage the awning during installation.