• Control Systems

    Control Systems

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  • Motorised / Manual Blinds

    Motorised / Manual Blinds

    Are motorized blinds or shades right for you?

    Perhaps motorized blinds will be the finishing touch on your smart home, or perhaps you realized you simply had to have them during a recent hotel stay. Whatever it was that piqued your interest in motorized blinds, chances are that you have some questions about whether or not they are the right solution for you and your home/office: Besides being a really cool gadget, what other benefits do they offer? Are they really as easy as they look?

    The reasons that people decide to install motorized blinds are as diverse as the homes/offices that feature them, but our customers frequently report that one or more (usually more!) of the following were considerations in their decision.

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  • Internal Roller Blinds / Sun Screens

    Internal Roller Blinds / Sun Screens

    Innovative Internal Roller Blinds / Sun Screens are a stylish alternative and one of the most functional ways of managing heat and light.

    The practicality and cheerfulness of Roller blinds makes them particularly suitable for children’s rooms but they are equally at home in any room of the house.

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  • Fabric Tensioned Systems

    Fabric Tensioned Systems

    Design Something Extraordinary

    We are supported by a team of specialist engineers with the sole focus of creating technical shading systems for extraordinary spaces. We collaborate with designers who share our love of inspirational and sustainable architecture. Spectacular glass structures illuminate our buildings, create memorable spaces, and make us feel alive. Automated tensioned fabric precisely regulates heat gain and glare whatever the angle of the glazing, then disappears when it is not needed, preserving our connection to the outside world.

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  • Aluminium Venetian

    Aluminium Venetian

    Aluminium Venetian blinds are the most widely used window treatment today. They commonly consist of slats in width of 16mm (micro blind), 25mm (premium blind) and 50mm in full block-out slatting, and are raised and lowered with a pull cord. A tilt wand opens or closes the slats allowing for varying degrees of privacy and light control.

    Aluminium blinds offer a sleek design in a wide range of colours and styles, making them suitable for any décor or window. Motorised tilt and lift motor (220 V/AC switch operated with transformer), as well as tilt only motor (12V remote control) available for 16mm, 25mm and 50mm slat widths.

    Download: Aluminium Venetian – Care & Cleaning
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  • Wood Venetian / Bass Wood

    Wood Venetian / Bass Wood

    Wood Venetian 35mm / 50mm / 50mm Timberline: Our wood venetians are available in a palette of rich stains and unique grains and finishes that will add warmth and natural elegance to any décor. Areas where wood venetians are commonly used are bedrooms, lounge areas, TV rooms or any area where sun control is of paramount importance. The standard flat decorative 70mm valance provides a stylish look to finish off and hide the headrail. 50mm wood venetians offer superior sun control as well as smaller stacking heights and are far lighter to lift than the 35mm and are commonly used on a large window, as well as french or sliding doors. The 35mm offers a busier effect and is commonly used on smaller windows due to the number of slats per blind.

    All wood venetians are elegantly finished off with handcrafted solid wood tassels at the ends of the tilt and lift cords as well as contoured bottom rails, and hidden valance clips.

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  • Formwood / Plasswood / Fauxwood / Foamwood

    Formwood / Plasswood / Fauxwood / Foamwood

    Ecowood and Formwood venetian blinds are a very fashionable, yet economical alternative to wood. They resemble the beauty of real wood and maintain the durability of advanced engineering polymer, mixed with wood content. Their sturdy material won't scratch, chip or fade, and they are perfect for high traffic areas such as playrooms and basements. They are unaffected by moisture from saunas, bathrooms and kitchens and are easy to care for. These blinds retain their colour and texture for as long as you own them. We feature a 50mm slat – all available with the classic string tape option only. Our 70mm decorative crown valance offers an upscale look at no extra charge.

    All styles have colour-matched components and are elegantly finished off with colour matching tassels at the ends of the tilt and lift cords, as well as contoured bottom rails, and hidden valance clips.

     Download: Measuring Instructions 

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  • Duette / Honeycomb

    Duette / Honeycomb

    Honeycomb shades are one of the most sought after window treatments because of their numerous features. The unique cellular construction provides excellent insulation and sound absorption, due to the air pocket within the honeycomb fabric. Honeycomb blinds have been developed to insulate homes at their most vulnerable point – the window! Honeycomb shades are suitable for bedrooms and lounge areas where privacy and heat/cold retention is very important. Each shade promises to lower overall energy cost by keeping homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The polyester fabric resists stains, dust and fading.

    It is available in a 32mm pleat size and has a full spectrum of colours in opalescent for light filtration and blockout options which are extremely effective in skylight applications in bedrooms where blocking out the light is of paramount importance. Suitable for entertainment areas, boardrooms, auditoriums, conference rooms, etc. where a total blockout is required for light, sound, heat and cold. (Ideal for audio visual requirements). It has a neutral white backing, no visible cord hole and the fabric is washable, stain resistant and wrinkle resistant. Motorised lift motor (220 V/AC switch operated with transformer) available.


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  • Skylight Blinds

    Skylight Blinds

    Honeycomb and pleated are the most effective Skylight blind systems available in South Africa. Its cord tension system makes this an ideal choice for skylights and they operate up and down like a conventional shade. The enclosed rails are colour co-ordinated, provide full privacy and there are exposed tension cables but no exposed cords on the Honeycomb blinds and should be installed as an inside or outside mount. Pleated blinds do have exposed cords and tension cables and can be fitted as an inside or outside mount. Our Skylights are easy to install, provide excellent insulation, and protect furnishings from harmful ultraviolet rays. Honeycomb and pleated blinds have been developed to insulate homes at their most vulnerable point – the window! Each shade promises to lower overall energy cost by keeping homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The polyester fabric resists stains, dust and fading.

    Skylight blinds are suitable for conservatories, patios, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, lounge and TV rooms, as well as dining rooms and any other area where a skylight window may be present.

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  • Shaped Blinds

    Shaped Blinds


    Blind Solutions are Still the market leader in honeycomb shades, are unrivalled when it comes to elegant window coverings that keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Available in a wide variety of colours, textures and fabrics, our revolutionary (and super stylish) design provides thermal insulation and sound absorption – without losing on form or efficiency. You can also pair Duettes with other window furnishings such as Luminette® Privacy Sheers or Silhouette® Shadings to complete your whole-house fit-out.


    Duette/ Honeycomb Shades can be paired with your choice of the largest range of operating systems Blind Solutions offer, allowing them to be easily adapted for any window or door. Operating systems include child-safe options such as EasyRise, UltraGlide®, the cord-free LiteRise, a hard-wired motorised system, or our tech-savvy motorised Somfy system.


    Lowering the blind from the top down allows light and provides a view, while maintaining privacy. Duette Shades also works well for skylights, which operate with a control stick. In addition, shapes such as triangles and arched windows can be covered with a fixed Duette shape. Teamed up with a blind below, they provide an ideal solution to unusually shaped windows.


    Blind Solutions unique range of Duette Honeycomb/Cellular blinds are customised and measured to fit almost any arch window to offer that final unique touch to your home design.

    Angled/ Shaped Roller Blinds – Guthrie Douglas

    Modern design is anything but square. Our products are able to cover right or left angled triangles and can even follow curves. Unlimited hardware colours available and a wide range of fabrics make our products suitable for any project. A single or double barrel mechanism keeps the fabric constantly under tension during the blind travel path which ensure a smooth and quiet travel.


    Basically these are windows with only one pair of parallel sides (usually the top and bottom). But, just because the window is out of the ordinary doesn’t mean your shade or blind can’t be extraordinary.

    Circles and Ovals

    However unique the window shape, we will find a beautiful shade or blind to compliment it.

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  • Silhouette Shades

    Silhouette Shades

    Protective sun screening. Simply by choosing Silhouette® Shades you will instantly be reducing the heat entering a room by 25% thanks to our special screen fabrics that deflect and dim the sun's rays. In fact, with the vanes closed, you'll enjoy 99% UV protection, helping prevent fading of your furniture, carpets and floors.

     Download: Measuring Instructions 

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  • Twist Shades

    Twist Shades

    Twist® Shades let you effortlessly slide two stylish fabrics past each other in an open, half open or completely closed position to create the perfect look for your window, your mood and your … Motorisation. Operate your shades at the touch of a button – with a remote control operation or wall switch. Motorise your blinds now!!


     Download: Measuring Instructions 

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  • Vertical


    Vertical 90mm / 127mm Fabric: This extensive collection of top quality vertical blinds to fit every budget includes an exciting variety of blockout vinyl and various washable textured and opalescent fabric. These can be used in a variety of areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Our track has the tightest stack available and includes self-lubricating wheels and automatic vane alignment that assures trouble-free operation for many years. We offer a manual or motorised 12 Volt remote control tilt system, and tracks for sloping or angled windows.

     Download: Measuring Instructions 

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  • Panel Blinds

    Panel Blinds

    Vertical Panels

    The Sliding Panel System is an elegant and bold shading solution for larger windows and patio doors and may be used as a room divider. The blind encompasses large panels of fabric or bamboo which stack neatly behind one another when open, allowing maximum light while radiating maximum style. To control light, reduce glare, increase privacy and make a décor statement simply slide the panels to the required position.

     Download: Measuring Instructions 

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  • Roman


    A Blind with a distinctive aura, The Roman Panel Blind is on the cutting edge of innovation. The blind mixes the sharp lines of contemporary décor with the luxurious presence of textiles. The blind radiates a bold personality when down with its distinct horizontal divisions and raises to a distinct presence when lifted occupying a portion above or in your window.

    Available in a seductive range of blockout and light filtering fabrics the Roman Panel Blind provides another exciting option in decorating your space.

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  • Bamboo


    Bamboo Blinds help bring a touch of nature into the home. Made from bamboo, jute, grass and wood they blend stylishly into both traditional and modern decors while they gently filter light into your room, creating a calm and soothing ambience with diffused views of the outside.

    Available in both roll-up and roman style the bamboo blind provides a very versatile option with a high degree of customisation available


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  • External Venetian Blinds

    External Venetian Blinds

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